Visualize your sneaker collection anywhere
See your sneaker collection organized in ways that make planning your wears and showing off your kicks easy.
Being able to track what I buy because you know how great a sneaker life can be. We buy so much and tend to forget. I used to have to take pictures and add to my shoenanigans folder but not anymore thanks to you. Keep up the great work.
Join thousands of sneakerheads
staying organized and on top of their game with Unboxed.
Free your mind,
have everything at your fingertips
Regain time and energy by letting Unboxed keep track of your kicks so you can spend more time enjoying them all.
Your collection all-in-one place
No more bouncing around between spreadsheets and multiple apps to track your collection.
Remember Everything
Capture important notes, shoe condition, and when you wear your kicks - never forget another pair.
Find what you're looking for FAST!
See your kicks organized by style, color, size and when you wore them in seconds.
Curate easily
Quickly take inventory of your collection by scanning barcodes to add your sneakers.
Keep track of everything
Easily see all important details like what you paid, how much your kicks are worth, and your personal notes like where you copped or what plans you have for them.
Expand your rotation
Unboxed uncovers what's been hiding in the back of your closet, quickly see what needs to be cycled into or out of your rotation.
Organize like a sneaker boss
Make make planning your wears and showing off your kicks easy
Created by sneakerheads
for sneakerheads.
Unboxed is the sneaker app that all of us enthusiasts deserve.

We are committed to organizing the sneaker world's collections. Our mission is to create opportunities for everyone in the sneaker community and make collecting sustainable for all.
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